Great American Bites worth a splurge – USA Today

It’s all about the beef at this Cleveland and Miami restaurant that has long been popular with NBA players and red meat lovers of all ilk. The “basic” offering is Certified Angus Beef (CAB), a registered brand, which pays the USDA inspectors to apply extra tests beyond normal USDA grading — its slogan is “A cut above USDA Prime.” Red serves both regular CAB (better than Choice) and CAB Prime (better than Prime). But what really sets Red apart is its real Japanese beef. Almost every time you see the words “wagyu” or “Kobe” beef on a menu in this country, it refers to a domestic product, not the real thing, but a handful of top steakhouses import the justly famous Japanese beef and Red has one of the most reliable supplies. Japanese beef is legendary for its well-distributed fat, tenderness and silky mouth feel, and if you love beef you should try it – but buyer beware, because no matter how much you pay, you usually aren’t going to get it. That’s why I like Red.

Original Article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/columnist/greatamericanbites/2016/12/08/great-american-bites-worth-a-splurge/95036448/