Best Surf & Turf in America – The Daily Meal

Browse the menu at this super-popular Miami steakhouse (which also has a Cleveland location) and you won’t see any surf and turf, but chef Peter Vauthy has an off-menu item waiting in the wings that will knock your socks off. It starts with a 28-day dry-aged prime tomahawk ribeye that’s broiled and brushed with the restaurant’s signature “steak oil” (herbs, chiles, garlic, and olive oil); as for the lobster, that’s a 16-ounce Maine lobster tail (yes, 16 whole ounces) that’s placed atop its shell and topped with fresh red Alaskan king crab that’s been tossed with a mixture of Dijon mustard, mayo, chipped chile, and herbs and broiled until golden brown and delicious. The whole platter will set you back a hefty chunk of change, but there’s nothing else like this dish on earth.

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